Mubaraka Awainiya al-Brahimi is a Tunisian member of parliament.

Saudi Arabia called an emergency meeting of the “Arab League” in Cairo, for 19 November, 2017.  The agenda of the meeting, dominated by states who actively support terrorist groups fighting the Syrian government, included accusing Iran of aggression and meddling in the internal affairs of Arab states (i.e. aiding its ally Syria against an externally instigated insurgency), and to accuse Hezbollah, likewise fighting terrorists in Syria, of terrorism. There is no indication that Saudi Arabia’s own, proven, role in funding terrorist groups was on the agenda.

On 27 November, @walid970721  tweeted:


Text of speech (as excerpted)

“Your participation of the scandal known as the most recent meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers in Cairo is the ultimate farce.  You met to condemn a Yemeni missile which landed in the desert, while you remain silent about the killing and displacement of the whole Yemeni population.  Are you not ashamed of the carnage of the heroes of Yemen?  Instead you are showing solidarity with the aggressor country.

“You and your Arab League rushed into criminalising the Hezbollah resistance, the only one carrying a gun in the face of the Zionist entity.  At the same time, this league does not care anything when it comes to the terrorist organisations that immersed themselves in the blood of Arabs and Muslims – the likes of ISIS, Taliban, Jabhat al Nusra, Jund ah-Sham, FSA and many others.

“Nor are you concerned about your failure in dealing with the crisis in Libya, and your inability to re-establish relations with Syria.  Because the Saudi regime, America and Israel will not allow you to take such a position.

“Your Excellency, what is falsely called the Islamic Coalition is the new Baghdadi coalition, and its General-Secretary is Benjamin Netanyahu.  And its military commander is Eisencott, the commander of what they call the IDF.  And the Tunisian people, who have paid with martyrs in all of the Arabs’ battles will not be part of a reactionary Zionist-American coalition.”

Tunisian Solidarity with Syria

In August Mubaraka Awainiya al-Brahimi led a parliamentary delegation to Syria “to voice our support for the Syrian people in the confrontation of the terrorist takfiri terrorism and to join them their happiness in achieving major victories over the terrorist organizations.”


Above: the delegation visited historical sites in the city of Aleppo, including the citadel, the Ummayyad Mosque, the Arab Anglican Church and the ancient souqs.

Al-Brahimi described Syria as “the only castle of resistance which has been adhering to its national principles and confronted the Zionist enemy which has been trying to divert the world attention away from the Palestinian cause by backing evil and aggression forces and their terrorist takfiri tools.

“Syria is now paying the price for the steadfast national stances it has been adopting under the weakness of the Arab regimes which are supporting terrorism in Syria and exporting terrorists to the entire world.” (From Syria Times, Tunisian Lawmakers: Syria Paying the Price for its Principled Stances)


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