The purpose of this page is to present informally updates relating to the Civil March on Aleppo, main article here, including further information relating to background, and new developments.

1 January

Happy New Year to the people of ‘Aleppo’.  In English, German, Polish, but not Arabic. Another polished production.

28 December

Disagreements amongst supporters over whether ‘the flag’ should be flown and whether opposition to the Syrian government should be more explicit.  Thank you  @sunami495.


Pics above and below from @Navsteva


Setout with flag.PNG

26-27 December Twitter Account

As as 27 December the account was following 427 people


There are striking similarities with the Bana account.  It looks as though the the Civil March follows every single journalist, ‘activist’, official or organisation that asks for a no-fly zone in Syria or campaigns relentlessly on behalf of terrorist groups in Syria and against the Syrian government, including the following:

@mollycrabapple; Syrian Network for Human Rights; Charles Davis, Raed Fares; Robin Yassin-Kassab; Gareth Bayley FCO; Elizabeth Tsurkov; Daniel Wickham, SAMS @sams_usa; Hassan Hassan @hxhassan;  Murtaza Hussain;  Michael Weiss; Rafik Hariri Center; Kenneth Roth; Syria Solidarity UK; Oz Katerji;   Kristyan Benedict @KreaseChan;   Syria Pulse; Leila Al-Shami; Lina Sergie Attar; Kenan Rahmani;   Shawn Carrié @shawncarrie; Sophie McNeill;  Julian Röpcke; Liz Sly; HadiAlabdallah;  Kyle W. Orton;  Waad Alkateab; Samantha Power; Peter Tatchell;  Grannies4Equality;  Aron Lund;  Ahmad Alkhatib; Rami Jarrah;  Charles Lister ; Louisa Loveluck;  Emma Beals; The Syria Campaign; Stop the War Syria @STWsyria  [28 December, also Bilal Abdul Kareem]

At least five White Helmet accounts:  Ismail Alabdullah @ishmael12345611 ;   Majd khalaf @majdkhlafa19931;   Khaled Khatib @995Khaled;   Idlib – Whitehelmets @whitehelmets_sy;   The White Helmets@SyriaCivilDef

Several accounts associated with the Bana project, @AlabedBana,  @ZainaErhaim (who broke the news that Bana was safe after being bombed, @Mr_Alhamdo;  AJ Joshi @AJ .  Also … JK Rowling

Other celebrities, such as Ben Affleck, Emma Watson and Mia Farrow.

Other representatives of the corporate media, none noticeably sympathetic to the Syrian government, such as Orla Guerin, who flew to Ankara to interview Bana of Aleppo, Lyse Doucet, Jeremy Bowen, James Longman (sometimes referred to as Jihadi Jim), all of the BBC, Anne Barnard of the New York Times, Josie Ensor of the Telegraph, Jim Clancy.

Human rights ‘watchdogs’ such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch.

Various UN bodies, such as UNICEF, UNHCR. Also EU bodies: Council of Europe, European Ombudsman.

George Soros’s Open Society

The International Criminal Court @IntlCrimCourt. According to the manifesto: manifestojustice

Followers: so far the March has not matched @AlabedBana in terms of huge purchases of followers, having only 1,562 followers, but already a large number look suspect.  It will be interesting to see it the numbers change dramatically.

26 March sets out with 300 followers.


23 December

BBC runs article