Someone has been running a parody account in the name of @cjwerleman, posting some of the funniest satire of the western media ever seen. This example, for example, is evocative of the reaction to the election of Trump as US president, with offers of counseling to distraught supporters of Hillary Clinton’s wars on the Middle East:


An extension of the corporate media’s description of barbaric extremists as ‘moderate rebels’ is countered by this little joke, rebranding die hard terrorist supporters as typical ‘civilians’.  Don’t miss Bilal Abdul Kareem, born-again takfiri of US extraction, fanatical promoter of the jihadist cause, in his new incarnation.

The suggestion that people might be emotionally moved by the hysterical outburst against Syria and its allies, with all the usual unsubstantiated claims, by the deeply unpleasant and totally unconvincing Samantha Power was truly masterful:

I particularly like this bit of fake news (below). The reporter is there telling us about the people all squeezed into a small bit of Aleppo, making a target for warplanes who are desperate to bomb them – civil defence no longer operates as they have no fuel for their vehicles so there are bodies everywhere. Needless to say, though we hear the added sound of a plane, we see neither plane, people or bodies.

@cjwerleman posted at least three videos from ‘civilians in eastern Aleppo’,  all talking of bombings, none of which show planes, buildings being hit, people in the street, or bodies.

Stop Press: Incredible as it may seem, I’m told that this is CJ Werleman’s actual account, so any satire is unintentional.

Over the last few days Werleman has devoted himself to tweeting on the supposed massacre of civilians in Aleppo by Syrian soldiers and allied forces – I counted over 70 tweets on 12 December alone.

RT’s Murad Gazdiev and Lizzie Phelan, along with independent journalists like Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley, all report from Aleppo without ever drawing attention to their personal danger, except to give impact to the reporting. However Werleman’s friends are all heroes.

Chlorine-filled barrels sounds like one of my weaker jokes, but no matter, Werleman thought it worth a try.

If anyone is tempted to believe Werleman’s claptrap, have a look at this video …

Every family in Syria has someone in the army.  To believe that the young men and women of the Syrian Arab Army would massacre their own people says nothing about Syria, and everything about how people in the West view their own armed forces.  But if you have a narrative to push, then truth and commonsense will not stand in your way.

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