Eastern Aleppo is occupied by Islamic extremists allied to al Qaeda and ISIS – when Murad Gazdiev peeped over into East Aleppo recently the only flags he saw were the black ensigns of ISIS and al Nusra. The jihadists are preventing residents from leaving via the humanitarian corridors created for that purpose, and are shelling western Aleppo on a daily basis, causing horrific casualties which are, however, totally ignored by Western media. At the present time the Syrian Arab Army and allies is engaged in a major campaign to retake this part of Aleppo – this will seriously undermine the West’s project for the destruction of Syria as we know it.

In order to resolve the Aleppo ‘crisis’, i.e. the impending liberation of eastern Aleppo from terrorists, the United Nations Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has proposed that eastern Aleppo be made an ‘autonomous zone’. If this was agreed to by the Syrian government, and approved by the UN, this would mean that eastern Aleppo would have official UN status and protection.  Essentially it would mean the realisation of an Islamic State, governed by people closely aligned in terms of loyalty and values with ISIS, though despised and hated by the vast majority of Syrians.  That the official flag might be that of al Qaeda or the FSA would hardly be of comfort to the residents of Aleppo, east or west.

Presumably the idea is to have a permanent ‘ceasefire’, whereby  the residents of eastern Aleppo are in permanent hostage to terrorists, and those in western Aleppo continue to be bombarded by hellfire cannon.  Atrocities by jihadists would continue to be ignored; any breaches or retaliation by the Syrian forces would be punished with further sanctions or constitute a ‘red line’ for NATO invasion.

The next step would be the recognition as autonomous entities of other cities controlled by ISIS/al Qaeda such as Raqqa and Idlib.

The proposal came to light at a televised press conference held after the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem met with Staffan de Mistura on Sunday. Moallem made it clear that Damascus completely rejects de Mistura’s proposal.

‘Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem on Sunday said Damascus completely rejects UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura’s proposal to establish an autonomous zone in east Aleppo.
‘“This was completely rejected… This is a violation of our sovereignty,”
‘The Syrian FM said that the UN envoy said he can’t offer guarantees that a new ceasefire can take hold, noting that the Syrian government had given three chances for the injured people to get out of eastern Aleppo.
‘Meanwhile, Moallem stressed that Damascus “can no longer accept that 275,000 of our people are hostages by terrorists in eastern Aleppo” which is held by Takfiri militants fighting the Syrian government.’

Syria has been adamantly opposed to any proposal that entails the division of its territory or threatens its sovereignty. However it is of great concern that the United Nations is prepared to brazenly put on the table the option of an official, protected and independent entity within the state of Syria, presumably to be funded by the West, controlled by the most barbaric Islamic extremists, and operating as a cancerous tumour within Syria.


[Mohammed Ma’yuf and Omar Salkhu, the leaders of the al Zinki gang, who hacked off the head of 12 year old Abdullah Issa in Aleppo, but who are considered part of the legitimate opposition by the US State Department]


This article was a response to the statement by Walid Moallem to the press directly after his meeting with the UN envoy. Since then de Mistura has clarified his own position in a press conference, full transcript here . There is also an AP report, but this mostly relies on an older Guardian article (!).

De Mistura has essentially confirmed Moallem’s statement, that an independent administration in eastern Aleppo be given formal status.   De Mistura affirms that he respects Syrian sovereignty, but …

‘On the other hand, Aleppo is a special case, eastern Aleppo is a special case, and all this can be temporary but needs to be having a creative formula. […] But local administration we need to have a special case for Aleppo, so that we can have a temporary arrangement until there will be a national political solution.’

De Mistura’s creative solution is to persuade the ‘900’ terrorists and leave in place the ‘local administration’, ie. the other gangs, who according to the UN are not terrorists (just cannibals and child murderers). It is not clear whether he expects the ‘real terrorists’ to go before Syria formally acknowledges an independent administration in Aleppo, but it is taken as read that once de Mistura’s ‘900’ terrorists leave, the shelling of western Aleppo will magically stop.

Even more startling is de Mistura’s view, in defiance of all the known facts, that the people of eastern Aleppo would be so horrified at being under Syrian government authority that they would prefer to take refuge in Turkey.

‘we are running out of time, we are running against time […]  Imagine simply that by Christmas as I had feared due to military intensification you would have the virtual collapse of what is left of eastern Aleppo, you would have 200,000 people moving towards Turkey that would be a human catastrophe.’

De Mistura made it very clear that he chooses to treat reports from bogus humanitarian organisations like the White Helmets and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as gospel, for example totally rejecting Moallem’s emphatic denials that any bombing of eastern Aleppo had taken place in recent weeks, let alone targeting hospitals.

since we do have a difference of opinion between the Mister Mouallem saying that there is total denial of any aerial bombing of hospitals in eastern Aleppo and our point of view that indicates that there has been tragic bombing of hospital in eastern Aleppo and elsewhere

The Envoy proposes to send a verification team to east Aleppo to investigate the claims of hospital shelling, so it will be interesting to see who volunteers for that exercise.




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