The Problem (or rather, The Problems)

• After years of unsuccessful attempts to overthrow president Assad and to crush Syria, IsNoGood Erdogan was faced with the bitter truth that his “good boys” and dear children of ISIS failed and that their days are outnumbered

• In addition “IsNoGood” also hit the stone wall of indestructible Russian will to not let him even to breathe deep near the Syrian border.

• After trying to be a “tough guy” who will show who is God to those nasty Russians by shooting down Russian jet and killing Russian pilot, in response he earned devastating Russian sanctions which ruined Turkish economy and – his reputation in the country and wider…

• His own opposition was very nasty, spreading unfounded rumors making him a bad, bad, very bad person in the eyes of the international community since he had to jail all those big mouths barking against him, journalists, intellectual elite, public figures and others, who really didn’t want to keep their mouths shut.

• So, yeah, a little help from his (Yankee) friends would a help so why wouldn’t he try to drag allies into the open confrontation with Russia thus saving his…ah.. pardon… back?

• Well something went wrong…. Allies and particularly Yanks, turned him their backs…, he realized it … too late.

• Well OK, Turkey was really too long in front of EU doorways.. “Let us show them our power”. – IsNoGood unleashed waves of refugees / immigrants blackmailing EU… “Let me in, let me in or I shall show you what is the weapon of the mass migration”.

• Except for a few billions of Euros in cache, IsNoGood got nothing else. EU remained as a nice dream and nightmare at the same time…. He realized correctly that his turn to enter EU will be achieved in about 153 years from now…. Loser yet again?

• Now some disturbances form the army appearing? Dissonant voices? Army is not happy with his Muslim Brotherhood ideology? “They want secular state? How dare they to confront me? How to deal with that?

The Solution

• Easy: DESIGN AND PERFORM the coup which is not a coup against – himself. Deceive mid ranked officers through his secret service: once imposed on them the idea and coup organization designed in order to fail, they will do their job even not being aware of it, by deceiving poor young conscripts to become cannon fodder and sacrificial lambs.

• Hide a bit and call out his Muslim Brotherhood extremists to behead poor soldiers, half of them not even being aware that they are abused, manipulated and used in a coup.

• Call everyone on streets and unleash the rage of fanatics in the well known ISIS style. Or better to quote words of one Turkish commentator- “the old-fashioned way”!!!

• Claim Americans (who had already turned their backs on him) the enemy along with his opposition living in US (Gulen) asking what is obviously not possible to get from Yanks- to extradite Gulen to IsNoGood hands …

• Soften his approach and voice to Syria (yeah Russian are still watching his every move with finger on trigger). “Yanks force me to be a bad boy, to support ISIS, and they pushed me against Assad. I am not guilty…. now look at them, they want me dead”

• Arrest 3000 soldiers, mid and high ranked officer. Execute half of the military rankings and scare to death the remaining ones…

• Dismantle Supreme court, and Constitutional court

• Abolish 2750 judges, break the whole judicial system

• Arrest the state council and all those who you do not trust.

• Arrest own pilot who shot down Russian jet: “Look this murderer is American agent he is the one who wanted us arguing… now he turned on me as rebel in this coup. Offer the pilot to Russia to show how good boy you are….

• Impose the indisputable absolute and ultimate power in the Turkey, by executing all republic institutions and establishment.

• Introduce Muslim Brotherhood into the Islamic State of Turkey

• Claim it as Islamic State Caliphate

The IsNoGood coup d’etat is successfully finished. Secular republic of Turkey dead. Long live reborn Ottoman Empire.

Now, to get back to work and trade your services with the rest of the world from the position of the absolute power.